Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves - and Chat-GPT

So, I saw the movie tonight. I enjoyed it. It’s no Lord of the Rings, but most of my D&D games aren’t either. I’d say it captured pretty accurately the combination of action, comedy, and hijinx that my D&D games usually have.

Coincidentally I have a D&D game to run tomorrow for which I was not able to prepare at all. Typically I like to prep about twice as much time as I expect to be playing, but having just started a new job I wasn’t able to find the time. So instead I found myself bouncing ideas for plot points off of ChatGPT instead. The discussion was equal parts amusing and frustrating. It wasn’t very good at making a cohesive dramatic story, but with some prodding it came up with a few decent things to include. I think AI can be useful for helping to condense something out of a nebulous cloud of half-baked ideas, but to generate the entire thing by itself from top to bottom? Nah. It isn’t even close.