Dungeon23 Megadungeon

There’s this social media challenge going on in the TTRPG space - #Dungeon23, in which participants create one dungeon room per day throughout 2023. 365 rooms, one level per month.

Well, I decided to do it as an interactive fiction game. One location implemented per day, one “level” per month, though with my plan each level is more along the lines of an act break or shift in context. Started out with Inform 7, but switched to TADS after a few days.

I’ll be providing monthly builds for my supporters on patreon, and I’ll probably release the first month’s build in February at some point, maybe the first two months, but I’m not planning on regular public releases until it’s done.

Here’s a quick announcement/devlog video that goes into a bit more detail: Dungeon23 Devlog 1 - Overview - YouTube


Liked and subscribed! lol

Looking forward to seeing your updates and, of course, the final product!


I’ve been posting screenshots of each room after implementation to my Mastodon account: Michael Coorlim (@mcoorlim@mastodon.gamedev.place) - Gamedev Mastodon - I won’t be bumping this thread just to post those pics every day, but I’ll drop a note when I do a devlog or hit some milestone.