Dumb bug in my Grooverland game

A helpful player on itch found a bug where the endgame didn’t work unless you were in a specific location. I fixed it on my downloads, but I did not update the in-browser game as I didn’t want to disrupt save games.

If playing the older, online version, the only place to fight the climactic battle is in the heights above the Queen’s tower.


Nice work on Grooverland, @mathbrush ! The writing did a great job of evoking a tone. And the puzzles were good and very nicely clued throughout – I especially liked the Creaky House, which was both scary and a fresh-feeling take on that kind of puzzle.


Thanks! That puzzle was inspired by Zarf’s Delightful Wallpaper and suggested by Chandler, so I’ll take 1/3 of the credit for it

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