Dual Transform (2010, Zarf)

I had a minor question about Dual Transform to ask, but I couldn’t find a thread primarily about it anywhere except for a hint request ten years ago that seemed weird to piggyback onto.

I recently saw that IFDB now has 50 games with over 100 ratings (which is nice; when I started playing in 2015, only about 20 games had 100 ratings), so I decided to replay all of them in reverse chronological order.

Dual Transform is very nice and almost ritualistic. Basically it’s a one-room, one takable-item, one container game. It’s Zarf’s easiest game (except for maybe The Space Under the Window or other small experimental games), but still satisfying.

You are in a ‘workspace’ which is a conceptual location that’s pretty bare. You unlock various forces that change the workspace; each one is like a ‘skin’ that changes the room, but state can be transferred from room to room. So for instance, if you take something in one room, it disappears in all rooms; if you drop something in one room, it appears (in various forms) in every room.

It’s fairly easy because you can brute force a lot of puzzles by just trying every room, but fun because you can save time by thinking it through.

Anyway, my main point of posting about it was this: it says To Be Continued at the end. Does anyone know of any continuation of it? It definitely has Hadean Lands vibes, so maybe Hadean Lands is a far-future version of it, but I wonder if it’s ever been addressed.


Nope, sorry. At one point I was intending to create a small (graphical) room-escape puzzle about the same character, but that project never went anywhere.

I thought I had some prototype screenshots from that project, but I can’t find them… oh well. I’m still squatting the domain http://zescapegame.com/ though. :)