DriveThruFiction sale(s) (Frontier Cthulhu)

I’m on a mailing list, or mulitple mailing lists, for DriveThruFiction, a site selling RPG resources.

They often have big discount sales on the PDF versions of various modules and manuals. I enjoy buying things like this to read even when I’ve never played the game.

There’s a short story collection called Frontier Cthulhu that’s about $2 for another 10 hours. One reviewer warns it’s not an RPG resource, since most people there are buying RPG resources. But I figure this is a site and collection of resources in general that would likely be of interest to folks here



I’m a Call of Cthulhu RPG player. “Chaosium” is the editor of that RPG so I suppose that the advice of not being an RPG product is well done there, as I would probably supose that without further information.

Thanks for the info!

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It’s actually a slightly weird complaint since DriveThruRGP is the main site and sells RPG products; DriveThruFiction is a sub-site with a distinct design (all that purple) that, as the name indicates, sells fiction.

Much of that fiction is RPG tie-in stuff, it’s true, but it still feels like it’d be hard to be too confused about this, especially since Chaosium has been putting out anthologies of themed Cthulhu fiction for a long long time - I remember grabbing an early one, The Hastur Cycle, my first year in high school, so like 1994 or so!

Anyway I haven’t read this anthology but I remember those I did as being a bit hit and miss, as is usually the way with such things - but at $2, if you’re at all interested in Lovecraftian takes on the Old West seems like it’d be hard to go wrong.

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Oh you know what? I hadn’t even noticed the distinction between DriveThruRPG and Fiction. To me, all emails from both look and read similarly, and I receive them all and react to them similarly. It’s further confused for me because each publisher can also promote to you separately, and one time I bought about 20 things in a sale and agreed to all the emails.

It’s even possible the guy who said ‘Note that this is not an RPG’ came out of the same non-distinguishing situation as me when he bought it. Anyway, all clarified now.


Oh, I can definitely see that confusion if you’re mostly looking at the emails - I’m just fairly used to the RPG portal’s design so when I clicked through and it was all purple I was like “ok, something’s different from what I expected!”

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