Dreamhold Help extension

When I released The Dreamhold several years ago, several people asked about releasing its Tutorial Voice (interactive help) feature as an I6 (later I7) library extension.

I’ve always replied that the help text is easy, but integrating the tutorial with the game really can’t be packaged into an extension. It’s all done with action triggers which are built into the game code itself, and in fact the game design. (You start out in an empty room, holding one object, and the tutorial triggers are customized to that; they then get you into the next room, which has a stairway; and so on.)

So I haven’t tried to do anything with it. However, recently someone asked about the help text, which is just a set of topics which can be triggered with “help” or “help TOPIC”. Porting that to I7 is much easier than thinking about tutorial integration.

Emily’s Basic Help Menu extension has text like this. But maybe you prefer mine. So, here it is.

inform7.com/extensions/Andrew%20 … index.html

I have not attempted to update Dreamhold’s (2004) help text, so it may be a little out of step with modern IF. (For a start, I consistently refer to “games” and “text adventures”, rather than “stories” and “interactive fiction”.) The one concession I’ve made is to acknowledge that modern games default to “verbose” mode.