Dragon's Pass. A short game released suddenly, eventually

Preamble: A bunch of years ago (I’ve told this story before) I was working on a CYOA framework extension for Inform 7. One of my motivations was to offer single-keypress conversation options that were easier to program than anything else going. Unfortunately the extension became too unwieldy for public consumption.

I did release a demo from it as a standalone game. That was Captain Piedaterre’s Blunders.

Today I’m releasing a second demo from the extension as an even shorter standalone game. It’s called Dragon’s Pass. It’s something I contemplated putting in IFComp this year under a pseudonym, but pseudonyms just aren’t for me. To my semi-horror, it looks like I wrote it in 2016.

The reason I thought of it again was because of another topic about conversation systems for Inform

The game: Dragon's Pass by Wade Clarke