Dragon Tank Pitch Jungle - the Lost Heap

I had an idea today for the plot of a story. I immediately discarded it as being too ambitious, requiring time I don’t have, and technology that may never exist.

Before that idea fades completely, I thought I’d capture it somewhere. And where better than in a thread like this?

This is the place for the lost heap of ideas we don’t think we’ll ever get around to.

Not sure how best to format this kind of thing. I will try to keep it brief, and watch for good practice from those below.

You promised your flatmate you’d pick him up from the airport. You grabbed the last of the luggage trolleys and stood with it forever, yet he never appears from the gate. The last case on the carousel was the one you lent him. You take it. No one cares. So you go back home.

Inside is your tablet, which you let him use for the holiday. When you power it on, you find yourself in his bucketlist.com account. Every item is crossed off. Although, after a moment’s reflection, you can’t
quite see how he managed to have dinner with Fred Dibnah, Dolly Parton and Abraham Lincoln all on the same night. The photos of his Volcano Dive do seem very… enhanced.

Let’s hope this isn’t an indication of a wider pattern of mysterious disappearances, cyberfakery, and international intrigue…