Dr Ego and the Egg of Man-Toomba - Last Lousy Point?

Has anyone managed to score all nine possible points in this game? After winning the game, my full score was as follows:

 1 Use my compass in the jungle
 1 Spot the way from atop a tree
 1 Whip a banana off the tree
 1 Rescue my compass from the monkey
 1 Craft a torch
 1 Find the alcove behind the waterfall
 1 Get the treasure
 1 Trade with the Carver

 8 total (out of 9)

The game cheekily refuses to hint this last point:

I have the treasure already, hooray for me! Guess I won’t need a hint then.

I checked the walkthrough, and there’s nothing in it that I haven’t done. I tried playing through the game in full without asking for a hint, but that doesn’t change anything. Any ideas?

I got the same eight points.

I got it:

The AMUSING notes will point you in the right direction.

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