Downloading Shuffling Around

According to the ifcomp website, “Shuffling Around” has been updated. Of course, I’d like to play the most recent version, so I click the “download” link… which takes me to a completely empty directory on the IF Archive. Is there some other place I should be downloading this game from? (Note: I know I can play it in a browser, but I avoid that whenever possible.)

Which “download” link did you click on – the one on the voting page or another one? Anyway, I just clicked the “download” link on my voting page and it took me here, which has a gblorb. Maybe you caught it at a magic moment when they were moving everything around?

I haven’t tried the gblorb, because I avoid downloading wherever possible (and already played this through in my browser).

Matt, the link you post leads me to an empty directory? I can navigate through the archive and all the directories contain files, except that one. (And yes, I’ve tried reloading the page.)

For unfathomable reasons, the links do appear in Chrome but not in Firefox. (For me.) Comparing the source, it seems as if my Firefox gets only about 1/3 of the page’s source code. Which is weird, because surely this should not depend on the browser? Anyway, I guess that the problem is somewhere on my side of the equation.

It’s showing up for me in Firefox. I often find that when I’ve had my browser open too long with too many pages (which is almost always true), sites start behaving odd in unpredictable ways – things like an invisible rectangle showing up on the top half of the page and making all the links unclickable. Closing and reopening the browser usually solves this, even if I keep all the same tabs open. So my amateur troubleshooting guess is that it’s not Firefox vs. Chrome, it’s the browser you had open for a while vs. the one you didn’t.

Bizarrely, often when this is happening and I try to start playing LIMBO, it comes out looking like everything is made of wet newspaper.

Someone who actually knows something about what’s going on inside a computer might be able to give you a better explanation.