Doors, Stairs, etc - TravelWithMessage

Ok, I have - yet another - T3 question…

I’m guessing it is possible to define doors that have travel messages, using TravelWithMessage or something similar but I have yet to find an example of this and all of my attempts have failed so far. I have a main stair case in my game and would like to describe the player’s descent - or their ascent (I’m using DownStairs and UpStairs). It just seems too abrupt to have them poof on the next floor of the house.

Thanks in advance!

Example can be found in the Connectors.t sample game: Look for the laundryChute object. TravelWithMessage is a mix in class that can be added to any TravelConnector derived class such as Door, ThroughPassage or Stairway. Please note that mix-in classes are always written before an actual class.

+ laundryChute: RoomPartItem, TravelWithMessage, ThroughPassage
    'laundry chute' 'laundry chute'
    "Although it's intended for laundry, it's large enough for a person to fit
    into as well. "
    specialNominalRoomPartLocation = defaultWestWall
    specialDesc = "A laundry chute is set in the west wall. "
    travelBarrier = [bikeBarrier, trolleyBarrier]
    travelDesc = "You find yourself tumbling rapidly down the laundry chute
        until you are unceremoniously ejected from its lower end, landing with a
        bone-shaking bump. ";

Thank you so much, that worked perfect! I think I was not including the TravelWithMessage class, so my travelDesc wasn’t doing anything.