Doors Between a room inside another room?

Sorry, this is a noob question. So my map (or at least the map I want) has a barn inside a yard. How do I write about that door? I know that if the barn was east of the yard, I would enter into the source, “There is a door called the metal door. The metal door is east of the yard and west of the barn.” But how do I say this when one is inside the other?


It should be similar, since the non-compass directions like inside, outside, up and down are like compass directions.

A door between a yard and an ‘inside’ barn:

[code]Yard is a room. Barn is a room.

a metal door is a door. It is inside of Yard.
Barn is inside of metal door.[/code]

It sounds strange, doesn’t it? A barn inside of a door. But that’s just how it goes in the land of Inform 7. Just remember to use “inside of” to properly indicate the direction. Inform will get upset if you forget the “of” part.

“inside from” also works, if you find that less confusing.