I’m playing around with the basics of inform, and have a query:

I have a doorbell which is part of a door and you can push the doorbell. You can’t take or get the bell, which is fine.

I have told inform to understand ‘bell’ and ‘door bell’ as doorbell, so “push bell/door bell” is understood.

Some people, however, would say “ring bell” - and Inform 7 doesn’t yet understand ring as push.
The following does not work:

Understand "ring" as push

I guess some people may say “Chime bell” as well.

What should I use in order to have “ring bell” act as “push bell”?



How about changing it to something like:

Understand "ring [something]" or "chime [something]" as pushing.

Hope that helps!

ah…of course…so simple :blush:

That makes perfect sense, and works like a charm. Thanks