Don't Screw IFComp

How, you ask? By donating prizes! The page at has information on how to donate prizes to the competition.

In the past, I remember seeing a lot of books, movies, technological thingies, a few cash donations… are there any suggestions on what makes a good prize to donate?

Is it allowed to both donate a prize and enter the competition?

Sure, why not?

Is it weird if I got the most excited about the Five Hours of Copyediting? I can’t spell/grammar/consistancy-check to save my life; whoever wins this that prize this year better be pretty damn grateful.

Oh, the copyediting makes me happy, because I’ve been considering donating a similar prize (probably something like “will make cover art or a basic feelie for you”) and it’s nice that there’s precedent.

Ooh! I’ve been thinking for years it would be great if there were a prize like this. But I don’t feel sufficiently art-skilled to do it myself. So I would be psyched to see this offered.

Preparation of cover art as a prize sounds like a wonderful idea. I suspect a lot of people, like myself, are frustrated by not having the graphic arts skills to do this kind of work ourselves and would very much appreciate having somebody to work with who does have those skills. It’s almost enough to make me consider entering the comp.

Robert Rothman

Right on, then. I’ve emailed Stephen with that offer.

I’m back and working through IFComp emails, so if you’ve emailed me a prize, you should hear from me later today.

It is entirely kosher to both enter the competition and offer a prize.

Also, duncan, I think the best prizes (beyond cash money) are related to IF. I’m pleased people are excited about the copyediting prize!