Does anyone still use Undum / Raconteur?

The last topics on Undum and Raconteur date from 2016, and there are only a handful of games written using this system on IFDB (the latest being a French game from 2021, the rest are much earlier). Looks like a great system, though, and the websites for both are well maintained. What happened? Was it simply superseded by Ink / Inky?


From what I’ve heard from authors, I think it’s mostly that writing in JavaScript is intimidating for most people? Raconteur makes that maybe easier but then IIRC you have to use the command-line to run npm to build your game.

I don’t think either of those put the system completely out of people’s reach, and both authors have gone out of their way to provide starter content that you can modify, but it’s still an entry barrier that can be pretty intimidating.