Does anyone know how to play Unholy Grail by Stuart Allen?

This game was written in JACL. Downloading DOSBOX and attempting to run the commands described in the readme in the comp97 file does not work. In 2008, Stuart did a new version in JACL 2, but the site seems to be gone.

Has anyone been able to run this game? How can I do so?

I went hunting down the JACL games a couple of years ago, so here it is. It runs fine in Gargoyle. It says it’s release 2, build 3. I’m not sure where I got it.

EDIT: I’ve deleted the ZIP file out of an abundance of caution vis a vis the GPL. You can still find the game in the JACL 2 distribution on the IF Archive.

OK, I figured out where I got this. The source code of Unholy Grail is included in the distribution of the JACL 2 system (found on your favorite IF-Archive mirror). I must have compiled it and held onto the j2 file.
Note that the COPYING file in that distribution says everything including the sample games is under the GPL, so I guess I committed a little copyright infringement. Sorry; I think I’m now in compliance.

This is great! Thank you so much; I’m playing it now.

Would it be alright if I uploaded this to IFDB to replace the current dead link?

IFDB pages should be publicly editable, and you certainly can correct links or link to any file (within commercial legality of course.)

(Forgive my potentially clueless pedantry as I’ve just woke up - you’re actually uploading to and pointing IFDB to that link for download.)

Because of the GPL, you’ll want to either point to the JACL 2 distiribution, or create a new ZIP file that includes the source code.