Does anyone know how to allow a reader to alter text size?

Twine Version: 2
I’m using Halowe

So, I’m a first time author (at least in regards to Interactive Fiction). I’m not very good at it, and have been slowly piecing together enough HTML basics to get some slightly spicy text effects working.
I wanted to include the option for the reader/player to be able to alter the text size via an options menu. But, I can’t seem to get the style sheet to read any variables, and I don’t understand the first thing about macros.
If anyone could help out, or at least link me to another thread, I’d be very thankful.


Hi, you don’t really need to do that. Just make sure you use relative sizes for everything (rem or em instead of px) and users will use native browser functionality to zoom the page.

Note: Twine may have that out of the box already, I am not familiar with their CSS.


Browsers zoom regardless of the CSS units used. There’s no problem using px units.