Document- or book-based games?

It occurs to me that one good fit for IF games would be document-based games. Papers Please comes to mind, although I can imagine something along those lines that emphasizes the text, rather than the graphics.

Are there any examples of IF games that emphasize documents (ie. papers, books, etc.) and reading documents as the primary building blocks of the story? I realize these things show up incidentally in many games, but I’m wondering about games for which this is the primary interface into the world.


I’ve seen this game a while ago, where you read a fictional wikipedia from the future, go through various articles and explore a story this way. As far as I remember, only the first chapter is free.


The Corsham Witch Trial, in this year’s Comp, has a frame story but is primarily made up of various legal documents - trial transcripts, official reports, meeting notes, etc. - which I found a really effective storytelling method.

Excalibur is another Wikipedia-style game, about a lost 1970s low-budget sci-fi show it’s excellent (that ifdb page has my five-star review…)