Docs for SugarCube UI "Continue" button?

Tweego v2.1.1+81d1d71
SugarCube v2.37.0-alpha.18+10004

I’ve been using the Alpha.18 version of SugarCube 2.37 exclusively for a while now. For the most part, it works great!

However, in one of the Stories I’m working on, it recently started generating a “Continue” button in the UI column. The button appears when I do a “Restart” and disappears immediately when it or any other link is selected. It always takes me to the same passage no matter where I actually was in gameplay before I did the Restart. So far, I’ve seen it only in the one Story. It doesn’t appear when I do a Restart in other IF stories that I’ve been working on.

Where can I find information about the Continue button? It doesn’t seem to be mentioned in the copy of the docs that I have for 2.37, downloaded on November 5th. Is a more recent version available?


I finally found Continue mentioned briefly in the new Auto Saves section of the docs. However, when I add

console.log(`There are currently ${} browser auto saves`);

at the very beginning of the :: Start passage, Firefox’s console log claims that there are no AutoSaves immediately after the Restart. So where might Continue be getting its destination? See the screengrab below.

(also I am not explicitly using either InstallTrigger or Config.saves.autoload, although I do still have [bookmark] tags on several passges.)

Deleting all occurrences of [bookmark] and recompiling makes no difference in what Continue does, nor does it eliminate the warning about Config.

Found the cause of the Continue: it appears when there are manual save points, too, taking the reader to the most recently saved Turn.

I can confirm. The Continue button appears, only for the first turn, if there are any browser-based saves. Activating it loads the most recently created browser-based save.


FWIW, I think it’d be nice if Continue were mentioned more prominently in the updated docs. It took me a while to find it. I realize the docs are intended as a reference manual for authors and can’t be a usage manual, but a more thorough description might help an author decide whether or not to disable it. (I’m assuming that’s possible, although I haven’t tried.)

This section of the new uibar.js file shows that the new Continue option (the menu-item-continue IDed element) is added when the Sidebar is first initialised.

And this section of that same file shows what condition is used during the Sidebar’s (later) start-up process to determine if the Continue option (the menu-item-continue IDed element) either:

  • made selectable.
  • removed from the Sidebar.

And as you can see:

  • There is no ‘configuration’ related setting being checked.
  • The existence of ‘slot’ based saves (Save.browser.size) cause the option to become selectable. Thus the lack of such saves causes the option to be removed.
  • The option is also removed once History (State.turns) indicates that progression past the first Passage (that the project shows) has occurred.

So currently the only way an Author could disable the Continue option would be to use the Config.saves.maxSlotSaves setting to disable slot based saving.