Do we need tads on mobile anyway?

Okay, so I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the logistics of porting the tads vm to java to get it running on android. This is no small feat. Several have tried this before, and tads is kind of a beast.

My question is: is this even a good idea? I’ve done a lot of messing around with IF on my tablet, and the mobile experience leaves a lot to be desired. The webui works pretty well on my tablet, but I still miss having a good sized screen and keyboard.

On the e ink kindle, it is SLOW. Dog slow. And that’s not about to change anytime soon.

I keep going back to my nice Linux laptop.

I have a Kindle, but I wouldn’t dream of playing IF on it.

You don’t need to. Android runs C and C++ just fine. I did an experiment a few years back:

This worked because it uses the Qt library for GUI and graphics, which also runs on Android. Feel free to pick it up if you want :stuck_out_tongue:

And Kevin Boone has done a rough port to the BlackBerry PlayBook:

And yet another dude created a (this time text-only terminal) version for Kindle: … p?t=220879

So, in theory, I could take the source for qtads, package it as an app, and throw it up on the Google play store? Hmmmmmm…

Not quite. You’d need to adapt some things to be suitable for Android. Like input, among other things, since out of the box, it only works with Android devices that have a keyboard.

What would be best is if someone ported Gargoyle for Android and iPhone, then you’d get all the VMs! (Except HTML Tads :frowning:)

You would get the VMs, but that doesn’t help you at all. The VM doesn’t let you actually play the game, because it has no output. It’s like an engine without the rest of the car around it. What you would need to do with Gargoyle is port its output layer to Android. You don’t need to port the VMs at all, they run as-is on Android.

Yes, that’s exactly what I meant!

Gargoyle is an interesting idea, but I wonder if it might just be easier to adapt an existing java glk and use the gargoyle vms’s.

Of course, Son of Hunky Punk already supports TADS.

True, but not tads 3.1. Writing adv3lite kills tads on sohp.

May be offtopic, but I think the way to go on mobile (touch devices) is
to write against webui and modify the UI of the game in such a way so
that the lack of keyboard is not a problem.

One way of achieving this would be to create a separate “control”
window where all commands (e.g. “go east”) are displayed as links (or
buttons, etc.) which can be easily “clicked” on a touch device. When
clicked, a JS handler would send the command to the command window.

This list can be updated on every turn, if desired. This may make the
game a little too straightforward to play, but it would certainly go a
long way toward making the game more accessible (even on a desktop).