Do posts get archived?

I was looking for an old post in which someone helped me set “talking to” and “answering it that” and “asking” and all the other conversation-related commands in Inform 7 to the same thing. This is very useful for non-conversation-centric games where you just want NPCs to say certain things when spoken to, no matter how they’re spoken to.

I couldn’t find the post and have had trouble finding other old posts too. I’ve only been around since last September or so, so they shouldn’t even be a year old. Are posts deleted or archived around here after a certain amount of time?

The posts should be there, as we don’t run any time-realted removal or archiving of posts.

For example, the forum for discussing Inform-related programming runs to 7 pages; last september (september 2008) is currently on page 4 of it.

Were you looking for this thread by any chance?

Pacian: That’s the one. Guess my searching skills weren’t so great.

Rioshin: Good to know. Now I know to just keep looking rather than wondering if it’s gone.