Displaying Images in Lectrote

Greetings! I’m a newbie to TADS 3, and I’m trying to display an image when the player is in a room. The image itself is in an Images directory and the has been added to the Resource List. HTML TADS displays the image fine, but Lectrote and Gargoyle don’t. After some digging, I found Gargoyle can’t render images in TADS games, but I can’t find anything about Lectrote. I’m also using adv3Lite, but I don’t know if that matters.

I’m displaying the image using the img tag in the room description: <img src="Images/room.png">.

TL;DR: How do I get a static image to display in Lectrote?

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You’ll need QTads for multimedia support.

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Oh, is QTADS the only TADS-supported interpreter that supports multimedia?

Fabularium supported it as well (it’s an Android app,) but I think it’s been discontinued?

I guess there’s no point in adding images if only QTADS and Fabularium support them, then. Thanks anyway!

The IFWiki says Parchment, Spatterlight, Lectrote and Frotz for iOS do support graphics. I don’t know how accurate that info is though since it doesn’t work in Lectrote :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s a shame. I guess I’ll have to personally email Andrew Plotkin and ask him about Lectrote then :smile:

I’d just tell you to ask on the forum.

Yes, I know, it was a joke - I’m aware of how much email authors recieve. The only email you’ll receive from me is fan mail :]

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This is in my long term list of things to work on. Check back in 2025? :stuck_out_tongue:

That should be about the same time I either finish all of my existing WiPs, or decide to go into exile in the mountains.