Displaying figures

Has anyone had the occurrence of displaying a figure but only getting the red stop sign looking symbol displayed as opposed to the picture? I’ve attached what I’m seeing and where I’ve put my jpgs.

Does having a Mac make a difference?

(Please forgive me asking this question again. Still haven’t been able to resolve it.)

The Tan page is part of the wall. After examining the Tan page: 
	Display the Figure of Exodus1;
	say “You find seemingly random selections of text and illustrations from the Exodus story as recounted in Hebrew’s scripture."

Screen Shot 2021-10-08 at 2.30.14 PM

Are you getting the stop sign in the IDE? Or in a release version of the game?

Are you having the stop sign when you try to show any figure? Or only with the figure of Exodus1?

(Re: Mac, Mac is sort of the home platform for Inform, so picky format errors tend to happen more often in Windows. Though there aren’t a lot overall.)


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And so far all the figures I’ve tried to display gives me the stop sign.

I only have a cover art figure, and “Go” in Inform always gives me the stop sign for it. But it works fine in all the interpreters I’ve tried with the release version (as long as the image is in the release file), so I’ve never worried about it.
@Spuncounterguy , have you tried a release and looking at it in an interpreter?

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To keep on clarifying – when you say ‘gives you the stop sign’, you’re saying a stop sign actually appears on the game screen instead of the requested graphic?

Something else I’d like to check: If you click the right Contents tab (on the right half of the screen, immediately to the right of the picture of a house / the ‘home’ icon) and scroll down to the list of figures, can you share a screenshot of what the start of the list looks like? It may show the graphics, or stop signs, and it may have other info that’ll help.

And also!.. are you using the Mac app store version of Inform, or the download-it-from-the-web one?


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Oh ok! That gives me hope. I think the game is pretty much finished so I’m going to try to ‘release’ here in a few days.

Thank you so much for your help and hope!

I looked on the contents tab and see nothing but the Sections, Volumes, etc.

Also I downloaded Inform off the web. Was that a bad thing?

I released about a hundred versions, just to test them as I went in an interpreter. That’s the only reason I wasn’t freaked out about the stop sign. Go ahead and hit “release” to a desktop folder if you want to see right now if the images are displaying properly in an interpreter.

Dang! I tried to release it and this happened!

Hmm. Did you directly add the jpgs to the file it created for the release?

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Congrats on being so close to release!

Since IF Comp is full swing, I’d definitely commend holding off on a release for at least a few weeks - otherwise you’re unlikely to get nearly as much attention since many folks here are trying to play as many Comp games as they can by the deadline (November 15). And taking some additional time for testing will help it make a better first impression, too - not sure if you already have beta testers, but even if so this forum is a good place to find some additional ones!

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Yes. Is there another way?

Boy, is this true. My credits for testers read like a Who’s Who of this forum. I’d be happy to test for you if you like!

I don’t know. My image is a png and it works fine. Maybe png is better?

It’s not the end of the world if the images don’t work. This is supposed to be used in a classroom (it’s a graduate studies final project) at some point so I can provide teachers with the images.

So is there a way to test it without releasing it to the public?

Yes! I would love to have you or whoever give it a try. Like I said, it’s meant for the classroom and is thick with American history reading and all that.

Just last night I was writing the credits and listed everyone who has helped me on this forum. Never could’ve gotten this far with ya’ll.

Sounds awesome!
You can DM the release to me, or DM me your email and you can send it that way. Then I can record a transcript and send it back so you can see all the problems.

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Thank you! I’ll send ya something hopefully by Monday. Gotta watch the grandkids at the moment.

There are two “Contents” tabs in the IDE, one is for the source text (sections, volumes, …), and the other, which Wade was referring to, is the Contents sub-tab beneath the Index tab:

As you can see in the screenshot, the figures should be listed there correctly along with their filenames and thumbnail images.

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Would it be possible to upload the project somewhere, along with the image files, and share a link? Or a cut-down test case project?

EDIT: I noticed that you wrote that you don’t want to release the project to the public, but perhaps just a smaller test project that illustrates the problem with one or two of the images?

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In the context of this troubleshoot session, a good one.

Inform on the App Store is a newer entity, and has had a few teething issues particular to it compared to the web version. That you’re not using it helps rule more stuff out. (If you were using it, I’d wondered if there could be any sandbox restriction issues or bugs affecting access to your graphics.)


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