Displaying Day Parts In Hituro's Time System

Hello everyone,
I need help with this time macro for twine.

I have installed it correctly and it is working as expected. But I cannot figure out how to print/display the day parts here :

Thank you for your time!

I seem to have added the functionality, and not documented how to use it! My bad.

Use [day_part] in your time/date format and it should work.

Thank you so much!

Sorry one more question. After we started printing we ran into an issue.
if the hour is in single digits, it shows the correct time, but when it hits the double digits, so everything about the 10th hour, it skips ahead a day state.

eg 3 PM shows up at evening, instead of afternoon. 11 AM shows up afternoon when it should be morning.

Interesting, I’ll take a look.

It’s a feature I added just for someone else’s request, so it didn’t get a load of testing.

Thank you so much!

You were quite right.

I’ve uploaded a fix now, so if you get the latest version from GitHub it should work as expected.

Hello again. We tried it again and it’s somewhat fix but another issue arose.

The assigned times are now an hour late. For example 12 is when the afternoon block starts, except it’s still morning. It doesn’t change to afternoon until you put 13. And so on.

Thank you again for your assistance.

You saw nothing … coughs … try now

It works perfectly now. Thank you so much for your help!