Discussion by Game in Individual Threads - Subforum

IFComp 2017 Individual Game Discussion is an experimental forum based on suggestions made last year and this year. Each IFComp 2017 entry should have its own topic with the game’s title or “title - author” as the topic title. Please keep major discussion for each game in the correct thread. If a game does not have a topic created, please create one and name it accordingly.

Please do post your links to game-specific news and reviews and anything else appropriate in each game’s individual topic.


There is also an IFComp 2017 General Discussion forum for everything else comp-related.

It would be nice to post the game’s blurb and play-online / download links in these threads. And a link to IF Comp.

You can copy the blurb and copy links off the IF Comp ballot:

IF Comp 2017

If you’re an IF Comp author, you can follow your game thread (get a notification when there is a new post) by using the “Subscribe topic” link - it’s under the New Topic button - at the top of the page for your game’s thread.