Discord Server for Beta Readers Idea

I’ve been curious all this time: Why isn’t there some sort of discord server/subreddit or whatever else people like to use nowadays, for people who love to read/play through IFs and would be willing to give feedback every now and then to titles which seem interesting to them. The authors would benefit from it, where they’d find people ready to give useful feedback, instead of posting threads on forums and barely getting any volunteer (it’s a problem even on COG/HG too, but less so then here).

It’s just an idea for now, but what are your thoughts on it?

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We have a whole category here, where author can post about their project when looking for testers.


Yeah, I think there are places for this currently; I’ve had a lot of success in the forum, as Manon says, and I’m aware of a couple Discord servers with channels to request beta testers. So I think the question is less about creating a whole new place — that would probably just lead to fragmentation — and more about seeing whether, if there are particular kinds of games or authors who are having a hard time getting testers, if there are specific things that could be done to help them.


That’s pretty common in writer/creator servers or servers focused in competitions/jams/events too.
The Twine server even has a whole #testing-and-released channel where you can ask for feedback for projects of different states.


I think, about Discord and Reddit, I know that they’re popular, but i find that they’re not generally honed for extensive discussion. I know Discord recently added the forums feature but it’s still pretty nascent.


Discord’s “Forum” is essentially Thread but a bit more organised (i.e. it’s easier to go through the listing of them). That’s what the Twine server uses for their testing channel.


I prefer this style of forum (and this forum in particular) rather than a Discord server. This forum for example is much more organized with threads that remain intact over time and are easy to follow.