Disco Elysium advice

In Disco Elysium, will it be better if I hack and make all the attributes ‘6’ when creating my character? Will I face any problems if I play like that? Will it be helpful if I do this?

The whole game is about failure, and the protagonist is in some sense characterized as the ultimate fuckup. Much of the fun is watching him fail. Playing as a superhero will blunt all of that.


I’m glad I’ve got an answer this quick. I don’t really enjoy seeing folks mess up and stuff, so I’ll still hack. The doubt I had was whether making his stats 6 would end up increasing all his negative stats too.

I haven’t played the game myself, but from everything I’ve read about it I am not sure you are going to enjoy it based on this! Curious how the experience winds up playing out.

(PS this is a forum for text games - typically with minimal or no graphics - so while there’s some inevitable crossover of folks who like narrative-heavy games in other genres, RPGs like Disco Elysium aren’t really our bread and butter. You’re more than welcome here, but you might also want to think about posting on a more genre-appropriate place too - I assume there’s a Disco Elysium Reddit? - to get a broader set of responses)


My apologies. I’ll try to figure out the Topics feature next time I comment. By the way, can you recommend any good locations where I can get more answers?

I went ahead and moved your message to Off-Topic - not a huge deal as Disco Elysium likely has a lot of fans here and despite being a graphical RPG does take a lot of character-building and dialogue cues from choice and text adventures.

There is a Disco Elysium Reddit also!


I was too slow to beat Hanon, but I think most would consider Disco Elysium IF adjacent and that it would be OK in off-topic. It’s better for Hanon to say so, anyway :slight_smile:

The reddit is fairly active for an older game, though they might be weird about the save hack. I’m not there enough to know. My advice would be to just get spoiler-free build advice. Endings are dependent on certain checks. I played it through twice instead, but I know that’s not reasonable advice.

Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy it! DE is one of my all-time favorites.


I should’ve thought of Reddit earlier. Thanks a lot, my friend this site is too confusing to me and I’m too lazy and tired to put in the effort to understand it. I’llbgo move on to Reddit. Thanks, guys.

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I feel like you should have a note of warning that having high stats rather than low stats can still produce moments of discomfort brought about by your protagonist’s failures. As you’ll see on the stats screen, having too much of a characteristic can be just as much of a drawback as not having enough. While you’ll avoid the experience of being unable to progress past certain obstacles, that experience is an intended and expected part of play, and the game goes out of its way to provide opportunities to try again or otherwise work around those moments of arrested progress.

To put it another way, Disco Elysium is not interested in satisfying the power fantasy of accomplishing things with ease. It celebrates flaws and the possibility of transcendance in spite of (or even because of) those flaws. Which is not to say that playing the hacked character is a mistake or counterproductive! But that character will be just as insufferable and miserable as the loser who can’t do anything right; he’ll just be insufferable in a completely different way.


Wow. That’s a very articulate response. I’ve made my decision; gonna play normally for my first playthrough and set everything to max for my second playthrough. It’ll be interesting to see what problems a genius has to face.