Disable pause at bottom of screen during testing

I am testing some things near the end of my game. That means, my test is pretty long:

test day2 with "purloin brown paper bag / d / d / d / pick berries / pick 
berries / pick berries/teleport to other shore / go to willow trail / again / 
go to nav-landmark / again / again / go to meadow / purloin brown 
paper bag / z / z / z / z / drop paper bag / go to hollow / pile leaves / 
sleep / z/z/z / sleep / z/z/z/z / get out / go to bathroom / again/ exit/ 
get popcorn/ go to car/ again/ z/z/z/z/z/z/z/z/z/z/z/z/z/z/z/jump/z/z/z/z/ 
go to tracks/go on/ z/z/z/z/z/z/ go on/ go on/ z/z/z/z/z/z/z/wake up".

As you can imagine, it results in pages and pages of text.

Is there a way to disable the pause at the bottom of a screen full of text during testing?

Alternately, can I test quietly, so the interim text won’t print?

I don’t know what platform you’re on, but is dfrotz or bocfel built with cheapglk available (if it’s zcode), or glulxe or git built with cheapglk (if it’s glulx)?

Using the Inform7 IDE during testing with the story set to use Glulx

Use the skein!

Which IDE version and OS do you have?

In my experience (also tested it again to be sure), the IDE interpreter doesn’t pause when using those TEST commands. At least on the Windows IDE (currently using the latest beta version from David Kinder’s Github repo), the tests all run through without any pauses or “press space” prompts, thus producing a complete transcript and directly scrolling to the end of the output. Or did I misunderstand the issue?

I think you are understanding the problem correctly. The IDE on the Mac stops at the bottom of each pagefull of text. Nothing in the configuration allows me to change that.

Okay, that’s good general advice, but how can I use the skein to get to the end of my story after it is recompiled?

I haven’t used the latest version of the Mac IDE, which changed things a lot, but at least before then you could create a knot for “test day2” and then each time you compile press the replay button and it would run the whole sequence without pausing.

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I’ll try it. Not as good with the skein as I should be.


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