Disable only redo button

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Twine Version: Twine 2
Story Format: Harlowe 3.2.1


I’m trying to remove only the redo button using this method:

tw-sidebar .redo
display: none;

I don’t know why but seens like is not working for me. The only way I’m able to do that is disabling undo and redo buttons doing this:

display: none;

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If you use your web-browser’s Web Developer Tools to Inspect the HTML elements that make up the left ‘sidebar’ you will see they look something like…

	<tw-icon tabindex="0" alt="Undo" title="Undo">↶</tw-icon>
	<tw-icon tabindex="0" alt="Redo" title="Redo">↷</tw-icon>

The 2nd CSS example you supplied targets the <tw-sidebar> element, which will effect all of the ‘sidebar’ content.

The 1st example you supplied, that uses a .redo CSS class, used to be how you would effect the Redo link, however the <tw-icon> elements that represent the Undo & Redo links were changed in a recent version of Harlowe. You now need a CSS selector that targets the title property of the element, for the Redo link that would look something like…

tw-icon[title="Redo"] {
	display: none;

It works. Thank you so much!