Disable automatic flyout of sidebar Twine Sugarcuge

I’m creating a game using Twine in Sugarcube, and when the game runs in the browser and the first passage is displayed, the sidebar automatically flys out and you have to minimise it to see the whole passage - Does anyone know if there is a way to have it minimised by default, and only open it when needed?


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The Config.ui.stowBarInitially setting can be used within your project’s Story > JavaScript area to control the initial state of the Sidebar at start-up.

note: By default the Sidebar is displayed on top of the blank area created by the left CSS margin of the main “story” area. So if the “unstowed” Sidebar is covering any of the Passage contents then that likely means either:

  • you’ve altered the default CSS of the SugarCube UI incorrectly.
  • you’re viewing the Story HTML file on a mobile device held in portrait mode.
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Thanks, wise Greyelf - I may have inadvertently altered the default CSS for the SugarCube UI incorrectly (But when I started my SugarCube story I thought the CSS story passage was blank, so I added my own code to give it a proper 80’s text-adventure feel.)

Anyway. I have now used the JS function you mentioned which I set to = True which seems to have done the trick. Banished from whence it came.

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