Directory structure/path for Borogrove projects

Apologies if I have overlooked something obvious!

  1. I have been experimenting with Borogrove for some existing Inform 7 projects that I’m working on. I see that the IDE has a file manager, but I don’t think I am getting the pathing right. For instance, if I want to include cover art, where in the file manager should it reside? I’ve tried various edits based on the error message (both in file manager and in the include statement), but I’m not getting it right. I am assuming that if I can resolve this pathing error, I can also get images in my “figures” directory to display.

**Problem.** A problem occurred with the 'Release along with...': instructions ('cover art ("cover.jpg")' (line 5)): The release instructions said that there is a cover image to attach to the story file, but I was unable to find it, having looked for both 'Cover.png' and 'Cover.jpg' in the '.materials' folder for this project (with the file '/usr/src/volume/Projects/e3a57168615d4c43b8ad0190d93ca8fd.materials/Cover.png')

  1. Is there a way to include a customized extension rather than the version housed on git? In my local project, I moved the code into my project and included an empty extension for purposes of giving credit via VERSION.

I appreciate any assistance!

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The code for borogove’s I7 compiler service seems to only send the file to the compiler and ignore the rest. This is confirmed by checking what’s really sent in the Network tab of the browser’s developer tools.

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Oh, I see. Thanks.

Out of curiosity, what is the purpose of the file manger?

I can’t say for sure but I guess it’s useful for the other engines supported by borogove.

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It is useful for dialog (to include the stdlib) and ink at least.

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