Direction Types

I would like to designate the cardinal directions as “cardinal”.
This way when the player tries to move in a cardinal direction I can say something like “You have no compass and can’t see the sun. Cardinal directions mean nothing to you right now.”.

I can define new directions easy enough (Right, Left, Frontwards, Backwards), but how do I disable moving from the cardinal directions only (I want to continue to use in, out, up, down).

The following does not work:

-Cardinal is a kind of direction. North is cardinal.
-Definition: a direction is cardinal if it is north. Before going: if the direction is cardinal…
(the direcion is cardinal always returns true even if going up,down, right, left).

The latter method works, but you’re tripping on the thing/noun distinction. Either

Before going: if the noun is cardinal...


Before going a cardinal direction: ...