Different Versions of The Original Adventure

We’ve all probably played the 350 point version. But what about the 370 Paul Munoz-Colman version, the 440 point version, 550 point David Platt version? I’m going now to play Crowther’s original version (before modified by Woods, as resurrected by Dennis Jerz and Matthew Russotto.)

How many versions of Adventure have you tried, and which ones did you finish?

Don’t forget Adventure770, Adventure4+ (a mix of 550 and 440) and Humongous cave. :wink: Or smaller versions of Adventure, like Cavern of Riches (120) (a hodgepodge mixture from Adventure elements), Classic Adventure (210) or Colossal Cave Adventure (235).

The only one I’ve actually tried to play was the 350 version. I wouldn’t want to try to tackle a larger version without winning the “original” version. But then, just the thought of Bedquilt, the pirate, the mazes and the lamp’s finite life is enough to make me shiver…

Yeah, I never finished the 350 Adventure either. The pirate and mazes caused me to curse loudly, headdesk, and erase Adventure off the drive. I should try it again soon, though. Once I beat the real original.

I made a valiant attempt to beat the standard 350-point version last summer. I’ve thought about playing one of the extended versions, but I didn’t really want to spoil the experience of the true classic. It may be worth looking at Crowther’s restored original, but I think I still would rather play the 350-point version first, since that version is the one that is essentially gave birth to all adventure games.

Maybe I’ll try again this year! :imp:

I’m not sure about the status of this, or how you feel about the whole “abandonware” issue, but there was a great collection called Software Golden Oldies back in the '90’s which contained the 350 Adventure in Fortran. I own a copy of this and it still plays nicely in DOSBox. There were Mac releases too. This version has a more genuine “primitive” mainframe feel to it than the Z-code port, which is the only other I’ve played.

The Fortran source is on the Archive.

When I was in college (during mid 80’s) the computers accesible to students weren’t even networked, so there was no adventure there at all! Most of us did know about it all through articles in computing magazines and, of course, the comercial versions.


Those in the pic are Level 9, Melbourne and Aventuras AD releases. The first 2 (which I guess are the ones Peter Pears refers to as 210 and 235 versions) were never released here in Spain (I acquired them in recent years through ebay for my personal collection) so the one I actually played and finished was Aventuras AD’s… the spanish version!

[center] [/center]

It was called “Aventura Original” and was made in 1989 for most extended 8 and 16 bits home computers systems of the time in Spain. In the pics you can see it beeing played in a 48k ZX Spectrum +, the same computer I had back in the day. It had nice graphics and a lot of spanish puns and situations which with time would become local tropes in the spanish IF fandom.

The company “Aventuras AD” was the only spanish video-games producer focused only in text adventures. Just like the rest of the big ones, it didn’t survive beyond the early nineties. Last friday, its founder, Andrés Samudio, was interviewed in a retrogaming podcast giving us all a lot of cheerful memories from the time (so if you feel like practising your spanish and taking a peek into spanish IF History then take a look at the second hour of 2x30 issue of Fase Bonus podcast, right here! )