differences from pc to mac?

I just copied and pasted my source code over from a pc to a mac and have encountered some strange things. some of my commands cause a space between the printed text and the command prompt while others don’t, I can’t find out why. Also the Inline Hyperlinks extension like so "[link]examine[as]examine lantern[end link][paragraph break][link]light[as]light lantern[end link]". causes the text to pop up with the underline extending all the way to the end of the window. Neither of these happened on the PC version. Is there anything I might be able to do to fix it?

The latter problem is an issue with Zoom, a version of which is also the Inform IDE’s interpreter. I reported the bug years ago, and I kind of thought that it had been fixed. Anyway, once Zoom is fixed, this problem will just go away on its own. Your code should work fine if you play the finished game on any interpreter other than Zoom.

let me compile and try