Did I win "Terminal Interface for Models RCM301-303?"

Somehow, this game popped into my head today, and I remembered that I never completed it.

I’ve found these “endings” today.

  1. Do what Lenny says, incinerating the “laptop” and fleeing with “Alison.” (Wait long enough to let him say “get on the plane.”)
  2. Do most of what Lenny says, just fleeing with “Alison” without incinerating the “laptop.” (Similar ending.)
  3. Incinerate “Alison.” Lenny angrily untags all and the game pretty much ends immediately.
  4. Punch myself repeatedly in an ordinary room. Lenny angrily untags all and the game pretty much ends immediately.
  5. Incinerate the barrel and punch myself repeatedly in that room. Lenny dies, Alison congratulates me and flees.

Is that “winning?” There’s no “you have won” message. I read @VictorGijsbersTerminal Interface postmortem, and I guess that’s by design…?

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Technically, if we take the narrative entirely on its own terms, I suppose you’d also have to log out off the terminal interface; but yes, you have won!

Do you mean opening the menu to “disconnect and quit?”

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Yeah, But that doesn’t really do anything except disconnecting and quitting, of course.

I’m envisioning the evil protagonist crime lord turning off the terminal interface, pouring themselves an expensive whisky, and then calling some underling to pick up Alison. But of course, due to the nature of the game, none of that can actually be represented inside it.

(Perhaps it was a mistake to format the game this way, since many players have been confused. But, well, at least it’s consistent.)