Dialogue System Trouble Sugarcube 2.31

Trying to figure out why this isnt working. I’ve tried many different iterations, was hoping someone would see what I was going for and help me out.
I’m trying to make a dialogue tree system that doesnt limit me to keeping track of 30 true/false variables.
also should mention, using Chapels custom First macro.

<<set $convo to {
path: 0,
question: 0}>>


Blue: Hey dude whats up! 

[[Nothing much dude! And you?|switchtest][set $convo.path to 1]]
[[Do I know you?|switchtest][set $convo.path to 2]]
[[....?|switchtest][set $convo.path to 3]]


<<if $convo.path is 1>>  
Blue: Oh the usual! 

<<elseif $convo.path is 2>> 

Blue: Yeah?

Blue: ....alright...



Your setter links should just be $convo path to 1, not set $convo.path to 1

Otherwise it seems to work for me…

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Aaaaaaand that’s what happens when you stop practicing your twine and coding to keep up with your art homework. I figured it out just as you answer it. So sorry for the dumb question. Im actually embarressed.
Thank you tho none the less

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I mean, that error message isn’t exactly a big flashing error pointing out what’s wrong… :smiley:

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