Dial C for Cupcakes

DIAL C FOR CUPCAKES is my new game and you can play it!

Dial C for Cupcakes FAQ:

Q: Is this the sequel we’ve spent years waiting for?

A: Kind of!

Q: Does this game have a male protagonist, or a female protagonist?

A: That depends on how you define “protagonist”!

Q: How long is this game?

A: Like an hour? I have no idea honestly.

I just want to mention that I beta tested this and it is hilarious, that is all.

Yeah, this is a fun time. One hour is a decent estimate.

I like how there seems to be a few different ways to some of the puzzle (i.e. getting past the dog)

Are there multiple endings available?

Okay, I have gotten stuck, and I’m not sure whether I’m being dense or it’s a bug.

[spoiler]I have collected seven cupcakes – from Medusa, the astronaut (by just taking it – I’m a real jerk), Cleopatra, the luchador, Cerberus (by feeding him the prosciutto, though I also came back later and gave him the sleeping pill just in case), and the two cupcakes that were available on platters in the King of Diamonds room. I’ve also read all the available hints, which seem to suggest that I should come back to the King room “when I’ve found more cupcakes”. The presence of seven platters suggests to me that I’m only supposed to be able to find seven cupcakes before the King serves another set of courses, but I have no idea how to trigger that. No one seems to have any more dialogue of note (other than “So, uh…” joke content), and there aren’t any remaining obvious props or puzzles that I am aware I should be focusing on.

Did I break it? Am I missing something obvious? I even tried going back out to my car in case I was supposed to leave and return later.[/spoiler]

Have you looked in the bathroom? North and east from the foyer.

Genius, somehow I’d missed that. Thanks!

Sweet, that was fun. I did run into one bit of parser stickiness (see below) but otherwise it worked nicely.

While trying to do the jelly bean puzzle, I spent quite a while trying to write on the “guess” card (GUESS [number], WRITE [number] ON CARD, WRITE GUESS ON CARD, WRITE ON CARD, etc.) before going to find the calculator in-game. I realize I was trying to do something that was out of sequence, i.e., substitute my own player knowledge gleaned from the calculator app on my computer for the in-game calculator knowledge of the protagonist, but it would have been nice to acknowledge these attempts somehow.

I think this is the first IF I’ve encountered that moves smoothly between persons and tenses to create a story within a story. Really nice.

Thanks guys!!!


The ending has minor variations, but not really what you’d call “multiple endings”.