Dhakajack's IFComp 2020 Reviews

I have been itching to play some IF since this year’s Comp went live, but work has been intense this year. I tried starting games a couple times, but I find that I have to be in the right frame of mind and jamming IF into a schedule just is not enjoyable. So, I’m very thankful that the evaluation period was extended by enough days to overlap some holiday time. With my “out of office” email on, I have finally been able settle down for some quality play time for the last few days.

I want to read everyone’s reviews and listen to the various podcasts, but I always feel compelled to play the games and put my own thoughts together first, free of external influence. With all the games this year, I knew that I could not contribute reviews for more than a fraction of games this year, but I know from the author’s point of view that every review helps. So, here are a list of works that I have reviewed from this year’s IFComp. I will link these to corresponding blog entries as I go along. I’ll likely continue posting after the voting period, but I doubt I will get through all the games.

Unlike previous years, I am not providing a breakdown by usual scoring rubric (story, voice, play, polish, and technical plus/minus some fudge factor), because it is a pretty arbitrary metric and also because as game quality drifts upward, these scores have tended to cluster at the high end. I am still thinking in these categories, but have recalibrated for better dynamic range. In any event, my reviews aren’t meant to be taken as quantitative.

I don’t mean my reviews to be particularly harsh; they may be critical, but I hope never mean-spirited. Finally, thanks to all the authors and anyone involved in administrating this year’s IFComp!

So, in order played (maybe I will alphabetize when done):

Stuff of Legend
Shadow In The Snow
Amazing Quest
A Rope Of Chalk
Academic Pursuits
Ferryman’s Gate
Trusting My Mortal Enemy
Lore Distance Relationship
Electric Word, “life”
Limerick Quest
Turbo Chest Hair Massacre