Developing with Ink for Android

I’ve been tooling about with some Android Dev Studio courses lately, and was wondering if there was an easy way to integrate Ink into it for the purpose of making some choice-based IF apps. I’ve seen the doc for doing so in Unity and was wondering if there was anything similar, or any general guidelines for incorporating ink’s JSON files otherwise.

I know very little about that ecosystem, but it looks like someone has made a Java implementation of the Ink runtime library. And it has instructions for using it with Gradle, which seems to be the system that the Android SDK uses?

Not necessarily what you need, but if you want a native Android app and you know JavaScript, I think you can also use React Native or NativeScript along with the JavaScript implementation of ink.

I you want to use Java, then the link JoshGrams gave should be the one needed.

Both super helpful options. Thanks a lot, guys.

Also, you can ask at the official discord of Inkle Studios. There, there a channel specific for Ink development, with plenty of people helping around.

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Hi @ViePostmodern,

It’s extremely easy to integrate Ink into Android, much thanks to the great work done by Rafael (aka bladecoder). I’ve both implemented my own open-source Kotlin (originally Java) version of Ink ( as well as used blade-ink (shifted over to it once the features of Ink reached the level I needed). Both versions have been used in a published Android game ( I’d definitely recommend the later, though - Rafael is a great guy and does fantastic work keeping blade-ink in sync with the features of “regular” Ink.

If you need some examples, I open-sourced a simple desktop application that demonstrates how to use blade-ink in Java/Kotlin:

I have a similar demo application on Android (, though I haven’t gotten around to open-sourcing it yet which I really should (it’s in sore need of an update though, which is why I haven’t been able to take the time for it). :expressionless:

Feel free to ping me if you have any questions - I’d love to see the Inkle Java community grow.

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