Detectiveland ending #3

I’ve found endings #1 and #2.

#1: Get in the boat right away.
#2: Go to the police station and bribe the cop for help.

How do I get to ending #3? It’s not in the hints.

I surmise it has to do with Ruby in some way? But the conversation options don’t give me the option of running away together.

Progressive hints, sort of:

You won’t be able to get ending #3 once the chase scene starts and you haven’t done something specific. So you’ll have to go back to before you finish your third case in order to explore properly.

If you’ve already looked at the hints page, have you tried all the miscellaneous “have you tried” hints?

The last three are particularly important.

Congratulations on Ending #2! I tried the first part of that, but not the second so it didn’t work.

I’m also stuck on #3. I thought it might have something to do with the treasure. I pawned the knob and thought that must be the treasure (ha ha bimetal wars!) but now it seems like there must be some other treasure.

I’m interested in hearing others’ results with this. - see last sentence.

That link now just takes you to the IFDB page. Was there a walkthrough which is now removed?

I’m trying to get ending 3 (and maybe there’s another “Super secret” ending? My current thoughts:

I think I have to find the treasure in the house before finding Distain’s corpse. But I cannot. OR ELSE get help from Mary Jo and the money she embezzled from the law firm?

I got it.

Not easy! But fun.

In case anyone wants them, here’s some hints for ending 3. Don’t read until you’ve solved A STUDY IN SQUID once through.

The lamp by the aquarium is ultra violet. There’s something it can read of Marcus’.

Use the typewriter in Marcus’ room (west of the entrance). It will spit out what looks like a blank piece of paper.

Read the blank paper in the aquarium with the lamp on. It describes a treasure hidden in the house.

But you can’t find treasure anywhere. You think you can’t. Big hint next.

If you entered the house, you have the treasure.

It’s the doorknob. Full solution next, eeesh.

After reading the blank page in the ultraviolet lamp by the aquarium, leave the house. Do not visit Marcus as he will have been murdered and you’ll be captured. Instead, just leave the house, and find the pawn shop. Pawn the doorknob. Go to Ruby. Propose. Then go to Marcus’ room and find his corpse. After being captured, you can escape into the manhole, ride the cart to gain ground on the goons, then get to Ruby and be safe.


Fortunately, the walkthrough is in the IF Archive. I just added a link on the IFDB page.