Detect whether a TADS 3 file uses Web UI?

Is there a way to detect whether a TADS 3 file uses the Web UI or the regular UI, without running it?

A WebUI game will always contain a reference to the tads-net intrinsic function set in its Function Set Dependency List Block early on in the file. A game file without such a reference can never be a WebUI game.

(Note however that the presence of a reference to tads-net does not guarantee that a game uses WebUI: a ‘regular’ game could, in theory, make arbitrary network requests. I doubt that scenario is all that common, though.)


Interesting! Thanks. That’s probably adequate for my purposes, as I’m pretty sure Gargoyle and any other interpreters using the Glk port won’t have support for any of the TadsNet system.

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For the record, rgrep TadsNet in my if/bin/tads3 (practically a mirror of ifarchive/games/tads, 45 tads3 story files) gives 7 hits, all clearly marked being web versions:

Il file binario 2019/lilGriff/TheLittlestGriffinWeb.t3 corrisponde
Il file binario 2017/devildetl/devil_in_details.exe corrisponde
Il file binario 2016/homopn/homeopen_web.t3 corrisponde
Il file binario 2014/satchild/saturns_child_web_ui.t3 corrisponde
Il file binario 2014/it/it_web.t3 corrisponde
Il file binario 2014/venice/venice_web.t3 corrisponde
Il file binario 2014/dedmans/Dead_Mans_Party_Web.t3 corrisponde

so, I estimate that (r)grep can be good as rough detection…

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