Detailed Medieval Fantasy Interactive Fiction and More

Greetings. Old school Dungeon Master and autism parent. I want to share an interactive fiction RPG I coded for anyone to play on their browser- nothing to install or download. Ruler of Kings is a Text Browser game that recreates life in a medieval fantasy world. It is as detailed as a table top game yet easy to play. Play solo or interact with other players. Very similar to a MUD but more visual and not linear as you can go anywhere in the world. You can play as a good, neutral or evil character. Play at anytime and experience intensive character creation while establishing your own fantsy novel. See more at:

Looks good, thanks for sharing!

Thanks, please feel free to let everyone know about it especially those who like to write as well.

I know Facebook is a swear-word for many people but i’m in a couple of IF groups (and co-admin a couple of them) on FB so you’d be very welcome to join and share it there also.


Yes, I have shared it in many of them there as well.

Taking a text based game to another level we have started this Scenario today. It will be all automated and non-committal (come and go as you please). All Players will need to worry about is role-playing their text based character.