destinfo object problem

I recently ran into a problem:
The location of a door changes during my game (from a street to a deep chasm), when the player had already traversed the door from the street.
Exitlister provides a message referencing the knowledge of the player (through DestInfo objects), that means it takes the “old location” of the door for the

"The only obvious exit leads out, back to the street. " message, which is wrong here, because the location of the door has already changed to the chasm and that’s obvious to the PC so I dont want to have a “back to …” message, but a simple

"The only obvious exit leads out. "

I’ve poked through the code and found the

destList = new Vector(Direction.allDirections.length());
foreach (local dir in Direction.allDirections) …

part in exits.t which uses a vector to loop through all DestInfo objects. I guess it could be used to change the message, but I wonder if anybody knows an easier and quicker approach to to do that.

– MI

I think I got the solution :wink:

If everything could be as easy as this …
Just set the travelMemory property on the door object to nil.

– MI

Edit: okay, it’s not THAT easy.
For anyone who cares:
We have a lookup Table invoked on the travelConnector that stores the traveler, the location and the connector. When we want to delete the knowledge of the player about the destination of a travelconnector, we can delete the appropriate entry in the lookup table:


I guess that’s it.