Deprecating extensions?

So I’m noodling around with a little I7 project, and I want it to be in first person voice. I don’t follow the boards, so instead I just searched the full extension list on the I7 site for “first”, and came across Custom Library Messages by David Fisher. Just the thing! Except that a ways into my project, I ran into a bug in that extension. So I searched the forum and found this thread, in which Ron Newcomb says:

And indeed, I installed Ron’s version of CLM, and the bug was fixed! (Thanks to the aforementioned thread.)

But when I look at David Fisher’s CLM entry on the Inform site, I see no indication that it has been deprecated and replaced by Ron’s version. Is there any protocol for clearly deprecating extensions that have been abandoned by their author and fixed by a different author, so that out-of-touch types like myself don’t get snared by them?

The Inform team is working on an expansion of the extensions website, so, not right now but it’s in the works.

An RSS feed or something along those lines could help in that regard, in that it’d give a means for people to automatically know when an extension has been upload/altered/etc without having to go to the site to look.

The reality is that this forum is still the best source of documentation on I7. Support is plentiful and responses are quick. So use it for all it’s worth!