Delirium - an interactive narrative fiction game

Delirium is a choice-based interactive horror-fantasy game created using Twine Snowman 2.0.2. It is centred around a single main character and a hidden mysterious entity. The plot follows the protagonist after they wake up and are transported into a strange setting after a ghastly out of body experience which takes away their control. The underlying theme of the story is fear, helplessness and darkness, and the descriptions parallel the emotions felt during violation of one’s body. Throughout, there are also subtle hints of lack of agency versus freewill. Based on the different choices, courage and allyship comes into play or selfishness wins over. The choices with multiple endings lead the player in the path of survival or death.

I worked on this for a school project and is my first attempt at creating a game, thanks to the help received from the community in using Twine, I was able to set it up. I’ve finally uploaded it on itch, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


I liked it! The effects also done nicely. Would have made a good Ectocomp entry.


Thank you! I wasn’t aware of this competition and what I’ve created seems suitable for it. Too bad I can’t submit it again.

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