Defining actions applying to two things

lol i just did the dumbest thing
i made a verb in inform 9 that said something along the lines of

verbing is an action applying to two visible things:
understand “verb [someone]” as verbing.

The even dumber part is that [someone] is ONE THING, I STARED AT THIS FOR WEEKS


Sounds like you figured out one major problem. What are you stuck on currently? Is there a specific verb you want to implement

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One thing that kind of helps this: if you’re using two things, call the action “verbing it with”


I already fixed that problem but thanks.
Something else im stuck on is how to make my own variables
im trying to implement intelligence and strength and all that rpg D&D type stats
but im hung on how to do the word lists like the Documentations example
Their example is The Brightnesses are Dim, weak, bright and radiant.
Im trying to do that with Strengths and other stats.

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I’ve fixed it, thanks for the help!

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A person has a number called Strength. The Strength of the player is 12.

If you want the attribute not to be numerical but descriptive (wimpy, weak, normal, buff, mighty-thewed…) you’d first need to define a new kind of value, but the same approach should work.

Edit: read your post more carefully and sounds like you do want the descriptive approach, so here’s a take on that:

Strongness is a kind of value. The strongnesses are wimpy, weak, normal, buff, and mighty-thewed.

a person has a strongness called strength. the strength of the player is normal.

i was thinking about using numbers but i would prefer words
I appreciate the help.
Im surprised at how active the site is, considering i got the link from an 11 year old video


i dont think i worded my post quite right, srry
i meant i wanted one thing and accidentally wrote 2 visible things
i fixed it tho

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Just added an edit to spell out how the words approach works. And yeah, the IF community is going strong - it was probably much less robust 11 years ago to be honest!

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This is a very long-lived community!

Is there anyway to sort of close these threads or do they just stay open and continue forever

A thread author can pick one post as a “solution” (the little checkbox icon) to indicate an issue’s been resolved to their satisfaction, and mods can close a thread down, but they usually just do that when discussion’s taken a bad turn - by design, things are set up so conversations can keep going (it’s often better to start a new thread than resurrect one that’s too old, though, if only to save folks from having to read a bunch of context before participating).

It’s fine to leave the thread alone when the discussion seems to be over. If someone thinks of something to add, they can. If not, it recedes into history.