Decompile and turn into Inform 7?

Hi all.

Pretty sure this is a long shot, but is it possible to decompile an .z5 file and turn it into (semi)readable Inform 7 code?

I would love to be able to reverse-engineer the code of my old game. I lost all source code over the years.

Not in any automated way.

You can disassemble a Z-machine file – I use … tools.html. This gives you I6 assembly language and a lot of strings.

You can read through the assembly and try to figure out what’s going on. This is, as you say, a reverse engineering task. It’s not a lot of fun, especially if you’re starting from a position of not knowing the I6 internals of the system.

Really, think of it as a project to rewrite your old game from scratch, using the assembly listing as a guide. As a bonus, when you’re done you’ll know a lot more about the I6 internals of the system!

This is what I feared.

Thanks for the reply.