Deck the Halls, Gieves (Adventuron 2020 Christmas Jam) hint request

I think I’m near the end of this entertaining game, but I’m stuck. Or, rather, Bartie is stuck. And I do so want to get through all the entries!

I’m pretty sure of what I need to do in general. But Bartie winds up getting coal on his hands if I TAKE COAL, and I can’t figure out how to do so with the handkerchief so I can avoid the Aunt washing my hands and taking the coal.

Then after that I’m a bit worried there might be a verb-guessing thing for what, according to the in-game hints, seems to be the final puzzle: ADJUST CHECKERS’S POCKET SQUARE. Anyone remember this?



Oof, I have played this when working through @rovarsson’s poll of Wodehovian games, but it was a while ago. I remember the coal bit being tricky, and struggling with the parser throughout since it’s in a strict VERB NOUN format which made it hard to manage actions with direct objects, but I don’t remember the solution - I dimly think it might have involved wearing gloves rather than using the handkerchief but I could easily be getting that wrong. I don’t remember the latter puzzle being too bad, at least, so hopefully reasonable synonyms will get you through (adjust, move, pull, take…)

Sorry to not be more help!


This reminds me that I need to finish the game! (I think @mathbrush must have done it, maybe he remembers). I think the author put a huge amount of effort into this game and it placed quite low in the jam, so I’m glad you’re spending some time with it.


I just replayed this. It turns out there are two solutions for the first puzzle; I can’t solve it using the path you did, but instead, in the garage, I tried wipe oil, which works.

The final verb I used (for the second potential problem you mentioned) was FIX.


Thanks to all! Yes, I figured the final puzzle.

I didn’t think of getting my hands dirty that way since I figured I should be using something from each room.

But the ending was worth it. I couldn’t help picturing Stephen Fry as Jeeves and Hugh Laurie as Bertie in a very welcome lost episode of Jeeves & Wooster.