Deciphering TXD

I have textdump working, but i have no idea as to how to read it. Can anyone help me with this?

Someone else should be chiming in with more and better info, but AFAIK, the only real useful information you can get out of a TXD is the text itself.

I could be horribly wrong, mind.

A knowledge of Z-machine assembly ( … ect15.html) will get you some way.

But it’s hard going. TXD doesn’t know the names of functions, objects, or properties; they all appear as numeric constants. So making sense of any of the output is a lot of guesswork.

I still find TXD really useful for Infocom bug-hunting. But I was already very comfortable with x86 assembly language, and it didn’t take long to learn the basics of TXD’s output syntax.
I imagine it would be much harder to use it on Inform 7 story files than Inform 6 or ZILCH.