"Death on the Stormrider" Seeking Beta Testers

Hey all! The time has come! I’m looking for beta-testers for a parser murder mystery for IFComp.

You and your brother were sailing home on a disreputable cargo ship (by which I of course mean airship) when someone on the crew was murdered; your brother was blamed, and now you have to clear his name before the ship lands. And to make things worse, the murder victim was the only person on the crew who spoke your language. You’ll need to not just figure out who was responsible but prove it, and all without being able to talk to anyone.

Interested? Reply here and I’ll send you a DM with the details!


I’m interested in testing!


i am always a sucker for a murder mystery


I am definitely interested in testing! Have been beta testing in earlier IF comps, so have some experience. And the premise seems very interesting!


I’d love to, but just moved into a house that doesn’t have internet set up yet for my laptop…


Many, many bugs have been fixed, but I’m sure there are still plenty more to find! If anyone else is interested in testing, please let me know!

I would be interested in testing

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